An intro to my work....

An intro to my work....

I began shooting back in June of 2009 with absolutely no real experience in photography. At the time, I honestly didn't expect anything to come of it. I was just planning to take some photos for a book of poetry that I had coming out. I was encouraged by a friend in California to give it a shot and in the heat of having to have a name to register for Model Mayhem, lo TRD Photography was born.

Over the years my work with TRD Photography has become fairly known in certain circles, and even though I'm fairly diverse in what I shoot, TRD has become known more for a certain style and edge to my work. In 2015, I started learning to shoot with film, which opened a whole new world for me. Gritty b&w work has always been one of my absolute favorite types of work to look at and working with film has given me the ability to explore that world in a way that I attempted for years with digital, but just never quite could get perfect.

Working both with the typical TRD style work, and adding film to that has been a bit of a challenge because the audiences don't mesh extremely well. There's a circle over here that likes the highly stylized TRD stuff, and then one that likes film, and in the middle there's a small group in the overlap zone. I've decided to separate my styles for the sake of giving each audience more of what it is looking for.

TRD Photography is set to become pretty much straight forward more of my "commercial" type stuff and here I'll be sharing my concept and more artistic type work. I love what I do with TRD Photography, but my goals as a photographer are that I would like to be remembered for making important work that hopefully helps open eyes and maybe see the world a little differently.

I hope that you guys will give it some time, and see what you think. This site is NOT going to be film only as some of my concept work, some of my portraits,  and most of my landscape stuff will remain digital. The majority of what you see here is film. If you'd like to set something up, feel free to hit me up.